Tuesday, July 12, 2011

wip/ forced project hibernation: Conor gloves

Oh for this to be a FO post.   I have an inch of hand and one thumb left, but the shop was out of the yarn I was using, so it goes in the 'on hold' bag.  ( I have a system.  It is fluid and complex.)  Grr.

So, most of some gloves!  In exchange for these, I am getting an art.  Excira.

One glove...
Two glo-! Aww.  Also, creepy spider fingers.

I like the pattern quite a lot.  It puts me in mind of scars or welts (in a non-creepy way I am a real person).*  Skin is cool and hands are cool and gloves go on hands!

*(When I was little I was always disappointed when a cut didn't scar.  I still have never seen them as ugly things.  My body can heal itself!  I have regenerative properties!)

Now back to speed-knitting a Slytherin scarf for a friend before Thursday.


Eoghan said...

Ask Conor about the painting he is doing for my 18th birthday. Note the present tense.

Jennifer said...

Whoever receives theirs first is clearly more loved by Conor.