Friday, September 11, 2015

Well, that year got busy.

While I was forgetting to post, I...

... made some cards.

[top: Valentine for my best friend, bottom: birthday card for a friend] 

... made some scarves.

Fragile Heart in Malabrigo Superwash Lace

Malabrigo Superwash lace is the loveliest thing in the world.

Heartbreak in Hedgehog Sock (pink and navy) and Auracania Lace (turquoise)

My sister-in-law has moved back to San Francisco from the wintry wilds of New York, so I can make her non-Wintry presents.

... went to Glendalough.

... went to California for my brother's wedding.

... submitted my Master's thesis.

It's a page-turner.

... posted to this other blog.

I let myself get subsumed by thesis for the last few months, and haven't really been making. I'm trying to remember what I like doing. I want to get back to knitting, drawing, and running around outside. I don't know if I'll delete this or not - if I haven't posted in a month, I think I will.