Sunday, July 3, 2011

Reconstructed Beatles t-shirt

T-shirt is now a different t-shirt!  I'm happy with it - I like scoop-necks a lot (best neck), and the cinching at the side makes it a bit more than a plain t-shirt.  I should maybe have bought a size smaller for aesthetics (it's a men's medium), as it makes me look a bit blocky, but it is very very comfy.  The style also might be better suited to a shirt with something other than a big central logo.  Things to keep in mind next time, but I still like this one!

Related: I never understood why people say "Oh, I can't draw a straight line" when disparaging their artistic abilities.  Straight lines are hard.

Please don't judge me.

This t-shirt is It's A Cinch from

I don't like throwing things out, so it's a good book for me!

I spent today sitting in the (glorious) sunshine, knitting and reading sewing books.  It just isn't Summer until I have strangely geometric sunburn on one side of my body.  (My back was to the fence how did it even get sunburned I do not understand.)

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