Girl-shaped, twenty-something, crafty, volunteering biologist born and living in Dublin. I mostly knit, with some crochet and sewing on the side, but I'm always up for making a clumsy, enthusiastic effort at something new. I have strong opinions on how people should treat each other (with kindness!), and also on works of fiction, so those might crop up in the blog too. I am a walking demonstration of the planning fallacy.

The title of the blog was meant to be a play on Robert Louis Stephenson's "An Apology for Idlers", in the "a sorry apology" sense, because I'm not very good at having free time.  It's pretty weak.  I'm sorry.  Please still be my friend.

I'm always happy to take commissions - leave me a comment, or send me a message at jenniferjunipercrafts@gmail.com!