Monday, July 25, 2011

Cut off all my hair again!

I'm leaving for a month in the Amazon rainforest on Wednesday (my life is a pretty great life), and I didn't want my hair to be on my neck or in my eyes or generally annoying.

I hold my hands up as a nervous thing without realising, but this was the best photo.
The fringe is silly-looking, so that it will have grown back in by the time I'm home but not be annoying while I'm there.  I think I'll like it better once the fringe has grown in, though I'm happy enough with it now.  I'm moderately confident I could pull off drag.  It's short enough to make it spiky, too!  Though not for very long, my hair is very thick and gravity is a potent force.  Also, when I was looking for hair gel, all the products in the "Hair" aisle where for taming frizz and maximising volume (I already have giant hair, and it will take more than some puny spray to not have it go everywhere), but no hair gel.  There wasn't a "Men's hair" aisle, so I went on a hunt, and eventually found it in the "Men's toiletries" section.  I guess this says something about gender roles, but mostly it's a little baffling.  Toiletries are shower products and soap and bathroom things.  Hair gel is for hair that is already dry because you've already showered.  Also it is not a necessity for polite society.  This could just be me being "HOW DO I HAIR" but there was an aisle for hair products, and I don't understand why you'd hide in in a different aisle!

My poor scaffold got caught by the comb a lot though.  Not ideal.


Amy said...

cute :) Have a safe, fun trip!

Apology for an Idler said...

Thanks a lot! :)