Monday, October 3, 2011

Tom Baker Scarf

The timing is purely concidental!  I started it over the Summer and finished it two weeks ago and my post last night reminded me to finally make the tassels.  Please don't judge me.

I have this problem with long projects where I bundle them up as they grow, so I don't realise how long they're getting.  If I don't bother to check, or have already decided I'm going to follow the pattern to the letter, this can have silly consequences.

It's not very clear, but I'm standing on a chair.  Doubled over, the scarf reaches from the ceiling to the floor.  I'm 5'6".

I could wrap it around a few times and use it as a dress.

It is very snuggly.

And I like the tassels.

The patterns is here; I can't remember what yarns I used, as I went with what was roughly right and on sale, and the wrappers are either in the recycling bin or my other knitting bag at home.  I didn't get the colours quite right, but the only one that's annoying me is the cream - it should have been a lot closer to beige, but I was going from memory.

So now I have a giant scarf and a snuggly hat.  BRING IT ON, Winter.

Related: I'm considering dressing up as the Doctor for Halloween, though this is depending on charity shops doing me well.  I probably have more of the build, and, currently, hair, to do a better job of the Matt Smith incarnation, but my first preference would be David Tennant.  Fangirlish preferences aside, I'm more likely to wear the clothes for that costume again.  A thought exercise this has sparked is that if I were to dress up as, say, Amy, the differences between me and a very hot girl would be readily apparent.  I'm not sure if a girl who isn't hot dressing up as a man who is very hot draws similar comparisons.

Or I might be lazy and dress up as some sort of creepy doll.  I could probably put a costume together from clothes I already own.


Amy said...

Squeee! Love it! :) I'm dressing up as Amy Pond for Halloween. So yay for the Doctor costume.

Apology for an Idler said...

Thanks! It's a ridiculous size but so warm. And yay for being Amy for Hallowe'en, hope you post photos!

A society I'm involved with in college is also having a 'Reeling in the Years'-themed ball at Christmas, so if I go as the Doctor I could wear the costume for that, and it'd be an almost-pun...