Friday, October 7, 2011

And now an advertising break!

Fourth year is hard!  And I am only two weeks in and haven't even had time for assignment to accrue or mod project lab work to start.  (Proposal's not due until November, but I'll be starting work before then, because proposals are a wacky formality worth ten percent of my project.  Or maybe it was fifteen.)  I have disappointing little time to knit, and I don't have my sewing machine in college, so it will probably take me approximately a million years to finish anything.  This means posts will be either sporadic or wordy.

So I am going to share a cool thing with you, internet!  There is a great shop in Temple Bar which used to be called Sé Sí, and still has that sign on the outside.  On the inside it's called Mayfly, and it's just great.  They sell handmade things by various designers, and, by the sounds of it, are very open to stocking makings by anyone who's interested, and has some unspecified standard.  It's like Etsy, in real life.  They also operate a barter system, so you can pay for goods in IT help, or any other useful skill you may have to offer.  It's kitschy and retro, but not in a pretentious or affected way.  They have pin-up brooches on playing card price tags, jewellery made out of scrabble and jigsaw pieces, cloche hats and fascinators, redecorated old shoes (I meant to look that woman up actually, I would buy boring new shoes to have her fancy them up), cuff-links made from compasses and type-writer kets, and lots of unusual pieces that make it an uncommonly pleasant place to have a wander when you have the time.  I got a lovely steampunky necklace there last week, but unfortunately I left it in college so I can't take a picture.  I'm always willing to pay a little more for something handmade, because I like to support people who are working on their own craft, but everything in there is very reasonably priced, so you get to supports craftsters and not spend lavishly!

They don't seem to have a website, but here's a Facebook page.  Do go in, they're nice people.

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