Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bare necessities bag

When I leave the house, my bag almost invariably contains

  • my planner
  • the book I'm reading
  • a sketchbook
  • a current knitting project
  • my phone
  • my wallet
  • my coin-purse, because my wallet doesn't have space for coins
  • a water bottle
  • my pencil case
Optional extras include
  • my journal
  • a notebook for writing projects
  • my 'miscellaneous' notebook
  • camera
  • another knitting project in case I don't feel like working on the first one
  • my sewing kit
  • specific items I need that day

This could be construed as me having a terrible aversion to not having something to do, which is true, but it becomes even more uncomfortably irrational given that I usually cycle into town, so I can't say that those things are to occupy me on the bus in. I'm usually cycling to either meet someone or go to work, as well, so once there it would be impolite to start reading or writing. So in practise, I cycle into town, a large bag containing the weight of a small child in paper hanging off my handlebars just in case, then I cycle home, where I can use any of it.

I like small bags because they force me not to damage my back for no reason. Usually in pattern backgrounds this is where the "so I made one to suit my exact needs" comes in, but I made one for someone else, because I like the idea of it, but I need all that paraphernalia.

This bag was made using a 9mm crochet hook with Hoooked Zpagetti. (I'm a brat when it comes to other people's presents - I select yarn I want to use, then decide something to make with it.) The fabric is a bit difficult to work, but it's very quick to make, an easy beginner's project, and doesn't have seams, which I consider a bonus in anything.

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