Monday, September 19, 2011

wip: cold-resistant hat.

I posted a little while back about my lovely lovely birthday yarn haul.  I'm using the Tivoli ocean to make a slightly cosier version of this hat by Erin Archer, on whom I totally have a crafts-crush.  I made one at the start of the Summer, but I think unless I were bald it wouldn't make much difference to the temperature of my head (but it is so soft!).  Unfortunately the Tivoli is another worsted yarn, so I unravelled it all and then wound it back up doubled over.  This probably wasn't the sensible course of action.

Just look how lovely and neat and full of promise it -
was. :(
I unwound it before I went to sell at a car boot sale on Saturday, thinking I'd have the hat half-made by the time I got home.  Pro-tip:  don't stuff a bundle of unwound yarn into your bag.  By the time the sale finished, i had just started, having untangled it as I wound.

I really like how it looks!  I bought it because I thought the colours were great, but I think it looks even better like this.  It also means I'm more likely to wear it, as I'm not one for big blocks of bright colours.

Beginnings of a hat!
 I very much missed an opportunity today!  I was knitting at the stand for the Zoology Society (it's fresher's week in my college, do join Zoosoc if you're in TCD), and a woman came over and asked if I sell what I knit.  I laughed and said no - usually true!  usually it's presents! - and she asked about the knitting society, and I said that I could make her something if she liked, and she said she might come back.  I am a dreadful business woman.  Next time I will be prepared.

In other news, I am moving onto campus this week.  I have to work out what to do with my crafting wherewithal.  I guess for now I could just bring all the unfinished projects, and finish those off before I start transferring the contents of my box-of-everything.  It's not exactly a trek for me to go home and get it, but what if I have a sudden late-night need to knit something out of scraps?  First world problems, dear internet, first world problems.

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