Monday, June 13, 2011

wip: Sister's jumper

I finished a commissioned hat of my own design on Friday, took photos on Saturday, wrote the pattern up just now, and was all set to post when I realised the photos were rushed and wonky-looking.  So I'll try to take better ones to go with the pattern.

In the meantime, this is the jumper I'm making for my sister.

My garden has daisies and we nearly had sun!
The patern is the same one I made for my first jumper, the Allegoro Scoop-neck Pullover.  The yarn is Louisa Harding Ianthe, which is a mix of cotton and merino.  It feels at once cool and snuggly.  Cotton is some sort of magical fibre.

I've reached the slightly unfortunate stage where the pattern is no longer nothing but mindless stockinette stitch, and the piece is getting a bit big to fit into my knitting penguin.  I'm not sure whether I'll bring it into work tomorrow or not.  I have nothing else small to work on though, so I probably will, my hands like to have something to do, so it will probably make me less annoying to be around.  (I finished a ball of wool half-way through a day of nothing much in work last week.  It was quite distressing.)

My knitting penguin, here seen wearing the start of the cupcake hat.
In other news, I am just about back on solid foods!  It's a pretty exciting time for me.

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