Monday, June 27, 2011

Old writing.

On my 21st birthday, my mum gave me a box of pictures, report cards, certificates and miscellaneous items that she had kept over the years.  It included this, which judging by my hand-writing was written when I was about five.

Please note that while I didn't have the fine motor skills to write in a straight line, my vocabulary included the word 'scavenging'.

At the start of the Summer I had plans to start writing again.  (This was brought about by the internet's failure to provide me with scary stories.  I decided to write one myself, but anything I start ends up being about people.)  For the Leaving Cert my discussion essays weren't powerful pieces of persuasion - "But that's only my opinion I mean I can see how you might disagree oh god I'm so sorry I made you a cake." - so I didn't really have any option but to write short stories.  I enjoyed writing stories though.  I can't come up with plots, but I like creating atmosphere and characters, which is probably why I want to write horror.  Having come across this gem, though, I think it's pretty clear I'm not going to top that.


Eoghan said...

Why horror specifically? And why have I no horror to read right this instant?

Jennifer said...

I was in the mood for horror and there was none to be had! And I like horror, and it's something I haven't tried since Junior Cert English. And it's a lot about atmosphere, which I like, and character, which I also like, and less about plot, which isn't my strong suit.