Monday, May 9, 2011


I came across photos I thought I hadn't taken of things made a while ago, so in the interest of making the front page of this less of a wall-o-text, here's a tea-cosy I made for a friend last August or so.  (Same friend who's getting the hoodie I mentioned yesterday.  True story.)

I was quite happy with the fit, given that the tea-pot was at the other end of the DART line while I was making it.  (The friend took photos after I gave it to him.)  I was given the dimensions, but given that following patterns exactly never woks out for me, switching between knitting fresh and foostering with my own half-pattern had a lot of room to go wrong.  But it didn't!  There's a lesson in there.

This was knit on 6mm DPNs, and very helpfully let me use up lots of bits and pieces of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky I had left over from lots of family hats.  (The amount of each dictated the pattern, really.)

I had originally intended to write out the pattern to post here, but since it would only really be of use for tea-pots with these dimensions (and I think this is unusually short and stout, the family tea-pot tends to be taller), I'm not sure it would be of much benefit to anyone.

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