Sunday, August 4, 2013

Title Chapters for Harry Potter agus an Órcloch

For my own entertainment.

Harry Potter agus an Órchloch : Harry Potter and the the Stone of Gold*

Caibidil 1: An Gasúr a Tháinig Slán : The Young Boy Who Arrived Safe/Got Through Safe
Caibidil 2: An Ghloine a d'Imigh As : The Glass That Disappeared (From Itself)
Caibidil 3: Na Litreacha : The Letters
Caibidil 4: Coimeádaí na hEochracha : Keeper of the Keys
Caibidil 5: Go Diagon Alley : To Diagon Alley
Caibidil 6: An Turas ó Ardán a Naoi agus Trí Ceathrú : The Trip From Platform Nine and Three Quarters
Caibidil 7: An Hata Sórtala : The Hat of Sorting
Caibidil 8: Máistir na bPosóidí : Master of Potions
Caibidil 9: Comhrac ar Uair an Mheán Oíche : Action** at the Hour of Midnight
Caibidil 10: Oíche Shamhna : Hallowe'en
Caibidil 11: Quidditch : Quidditch
Caibidil 12: Scathán na Mianta : The Mirror of Wishes***
Caibidil 13: Nicolas Flamel : Nicolas Flamel
Caibidil 14: Dragan Dronnach na hIorua :  The Hump-Backed Dragon from Norway
Caibidil 15: An Fhoraois Thoirmiscthe : The Forbidden Forest
Caibidil 16: Tríd an gComhla Síos : Through the Downward Door
Caibidil 17: Fear an Dá Aghaidh : The Man of Two Faces

This isn't meant as jab of the "haw haw, look at Irish trying to be relevant, I didn't work at Irish in school because I'm incredibly cool and interesting, a fact I will prove by monologuing about how I like to not work at things" sort****. I think it's fantastic that wee small Gaeilgeoirí can read Harry Potter as Gaeilge! I just think it's interesting to wonder how much nuance I've missed by reading translations of books, and how clunky English translations sound to speakers of the original language.

Time to learn every language in the world, just in case.

* But not made of gold, pertaining to gold.
** But strategic action, like in chess.
*** Jesus, lads! Spoilers!
**** I have opinions about people who think that not making an effort is somehow an interesting personality trait. If I'm honest, it's just one opinion. You don't want to work at a thing? Cool! Don't! I am probably not interested in your spiel supporting your (in)actions.

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