Sunday, June 23, 2013


I visited my friend Steph in Cambridge last weekend!


1. We nearly entered this cardboard boat race, but were hampered by not having collected cardboard and made a boat.
2. There was garden party in the Chaplain's garden. There was a cake-baking competition, and we came second with the chocolate and raspberry cake in the bottom right! I also won a notebook in a raffle, and came first with two of Steph's friends in a trivia competition. Best garden party I've ever been to.
3. There was a punt race one evening. Another team were dressed as bananas.
4. St. John's College from the back
5. Steampunk-looking tower on top of the library.
6. The Bridge of Sighs in St. John's College, the most Hogwarts-esque - and therefore best - structure in a town full of Hogwarts-esque buildings.
7. We punted down the river and had a picnic. Some ducks tried to muscle in. On the way back a duckling tried to jump into the boat. And I didn't fall off while punting!
8. Steph behind the door of the St. John's Chapel tower, like some sort of terrifying tower-goblin.
9. The chapel tower from half-way up.
10. The view from the top.
11. Fireworks at the Trinity College May Ball. It was the night before St. John's, and everyone sat on the backs and watched. I always forget how much I like fireworks.
12. The theme of the St. John's May Ball was "Ars Gratia Artis." Each court had a different theme. This was the 'street art' court (titled "Mean Streets of Cambridge").
13. Fireworks at the St. John's May Ball.

The May Ball was excellent fun, more like a black tie festival than a ball proper. I also drank more Pimms over the course of the weekend than I otherwise would in a year or several. Cambridge.


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That's so kind of you, thanks very much! I feel all fuzzy inside :)

Busy Mama said...

Ah delighted to have spread the fuzziness! Sure aren't us bloggers a great lot altogether!