Monday, March 11, 2013

Costumery: Steampunk something!

I went to a Steampunk night in The Sugar Club on Friday! It was lots of fun, and I got to dress up, and if you ever get a chance to see anything with Foxy P. Cox in it you really should.

I didn't leave myself a whole lot of time between deciding to go and the event, I think my costume was a decent effort.

I photograph awkwardly. This was the best one.

I made the blouse + collar from this Threadbanger tutorial. It sits a bit funny because I used a men's shirt, and men's shirts for some reason don't accommodate hips, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT. The sleeves hit my arm at a funny length, but that was the longest I could cut it due to the length of the slit for the cuff to roll up. The collar was loose enough to scoot itself around my neck, too. Perhaps I should have bought a blouse, designed for people with child-bearing hips and stubby little fore-arms. I also could probably have used a few more tea-bags to stain it a slightly darker brown. Overall I'm happy though, I'm going to hang onto it for use in future costumes.

The rest of the costume doesn't have much backstory. I bought the corset in Camden Market two years ago, and borrowed the boots from my sister.

For make-up, I used the Steampunk Airship Pirate tutorial by Hollywood Noir, but chickened out of doing such a dramatic style, and didn't have the right colours for a lot of it, and ended up looking like a non-descript goth. But I think that's acceptable for the circles who'd go to a steampunk night anyway.

Not very good photos because I was running late. I am a walking planning fallacy.

I think it's a good baseline costume, I might try to build on it for Hallowe'en. Threadbanger have a tutorial for making goggles, and it's above my current ability but my goodness, this working robot arm. If nothing else, I now have a just-in-case costume other than "pirate, I guess".

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