Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It wasn't fair that he be trapped in the Áras.

The other day I got talking with my sister about selling at craft markets.

"I've made most useful things for everyone who's close enough to get handmade presents. This way I get to make more anyway, or make things I want to make but don't know who to give to, and I get some money from it."

"Yeah, that's a better solution than 'Hi, I'm Jenny, we're friends now, here's a hat.'
'Sorry, Mister President, we don't know how she got in. It won't happen again.' "

" 'Here's a hat, YOU'RE FREE NOW!' "

(For the non-Irish who read this, this is Michael D. Higgins, current president of Ireland. This is one of the parody posters that went around during last year's election. I think jibes about a politician's appearance - or anyone's - are the epitome of cheap shots, but Dobby's soul is so noble. Everyone loves Dobby. There's no malice there. Incidentally, the competition in that election included a man who has had people murdered. Irish politics is a strange area.)

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