Friday, September 14, 2012

FO Friday: bobble hats!

I've finished three of my October birthday presents, but the need for another yarn-shopping trip meant I had time to get some other work done. It has been a long time since of my yarn stash could fit into the box under my bed (I almost always buy yarn just for specific projects! I don't know how it happens!), and since my family are getting work done in the house and space is becoming a rare commodity, I've been getting a move on on emptying out my bag-o-yarn.

I bought quite a few balls of Cygnet Seriously Chunky at the start of the Summer in the Woollen Mills closing down sale. (They said they would be open in a smaller premises within a few weeks and I can't find word on any such thing online. Sad times.)  The size of them made them an obvious target for getting out of the bag first.

I made bobble hats with cartoonishly large bobbles! They are different sizes as I was working out the best size as I went along.

They can be worn slouchy or with the brim rolled up for a snugger fit.  (Sorry for the dead-eye stare. I'm sharing my sister's room at the moment, and if she came in while I was taking self-photos she would make fun, and it would be perfectly fair.)

I like how the hats turned out, and while I'm not one for bright colours, they're more autumnal than I realised while shopping on a sunny day. I think Cygnet yarns are a very handy staple. They seem like nothing to write home about - they're nothing special to touch, though they're certainly not uncomfortable or abrasive. That said, they have a pretty good range of weights and colours, and are inexpensive enough that they can be used for toys without it feeling like a waste and clothes without spending a great deal. (Acrylic is also useful if you're knitting for people with wool allergies.) Except Hickeys don't stock them. WOOLLEN MILLS WHERE ARE YOU? :(

Moving down the weight scale (my god, the feeling of using anything lighter than chunky yarn after several nights of knitting with chunky yarn) I made a child-sized version of my cupcake hat to use up the yarn I had left over from it.  It wasn't going to be child-sized until I realised how little pink I had left. At the moment I'm using the Louisa Harding Millais I bought on sale (... okay, this might be why I have so much of all the yarn) before Christmas to knit another owl hat. I have a feeling I wrote down the pattern for that hat, but my pattern notebook is trapped on the wrong side of some boxes, so I'm improvising.

I'm hoping to sell at a few craft fairs over the coming months, and I've booked a place at the New Art Market in two weeks. So moving things from the bag-o-yarn to the 'To Sell' bag mightn't seem constructive yet, but eventually at least one will be empty and then everything will fit under my bed.

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