Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Craft market knitting!

I'm selling at my first craft market is this weekend!

Aya scarves!

I forgot to take photos of these neckwarmers in the winter when I made them; they look like this:

Snuggly and warm. Seasonally inappropriate, but I think our three-day Irish summer is over.

Hair clips!

I have other bits and pieces, but they were less photogenic. Hopefully it goes well and I can clear some space in my room! Probably not, though, because Dublin Woolen Mills are having a closing down sale, and I am a vulture.

Like you would have done any different. It's a sign of respect, really.

I have some specific plans for the yarn (Tom Baker gloves! X-Men gloves! I'm a geek!), but the rest was just in case.

The first day of the market is also the World Wide Knit in Public Day for Ireland! For me this is synonymous with "day I leave the house", but it's still nice to have a designated day. I'll be missing the This is Knit event, but I'm excited about the competition!

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Erin Kate said...

Wow! You've been busy!