Sunday, May 27, 2012


I haven't posted in quite some time. I have been busy sitting finals, sleeping off finals, rereading Harry Potter and watching Firefly (I am with Randall Munroe, if that wasn't a mortifying oversight Joss Whedon and/or the casting director should really jump in the lake) and consuming other media on which I will never be examined BECAUSE I CAN, going to Galway with my class after results (I got to pet dogfish and rays!), and sitting in the glorious sunshine.

I don't see how I'm meant to organise the next stage of my life when all I want to do is lie on the grass reading. Anyway, it would be a sin to be inside when the weather is like this. My efforts to go running have been thwarted by things like stopping to lie down in the park so that I can't see anything but the clear blue sky, and think about how beautiful the world is. I do stuff like that. Don't hate.

I feel slightly guilty about the lack of crafting I've been doing, as I've booked a table at a crafts fair midway through June. It will be my first time selling at a crafts fair, so that's an exciting milestone! Unfortunately, it is too warm outside to knit, and my sewing machine needs to be plugged in, which means crafting and being outside are at crossed purposes.

I did get some study-knitting done though, before the weather and my levels of obligation took a turn for the amazing.




The green are acrylic left over from a scarf, the two darker blues are Sublime Merino DK, and the light blue is Debblie Bliss Rialto. I used different patterns from a stitchionary I got a while ago - it's a fun way to test them out. I think my favourite new stitch is the seersucker stitch, which I used for the dark blue gloves. (While it doesn't come across well in the photo, in real life that yarn is the most perfect shade of TARDIS blue, and I really should have used it for something nerdier, but I was halfway through a glove by the time I realised. Pity.)

I also study-knit several headbands, but I keep forgetting to take decent photos. I still have to weave in all the ends of my study-knit goods, because weaving in ends is my least favourite thing.

My start of summer present to myself was lots of Debbie Bliss Cotton, which I am using to make this top. I love the look of it in ecru and beige in the Ravelry Project pictures, but I was limited in my colour choices by wanting something machine-washable.

I also got cubic needles! I've never used them before, but various forums (is it too grammar/language-nerdy to say "fora"? It feels like it is) have been talking them up. I get to use them in a few inches, exciting!

I have also been having baking and cooking adventures. I made oreo truffles using this recipe for the party the department held for fourth years the evening before we got our results, and they were well-received. (And the next day I found I had a First. Coincidence?) These brownies are also tasty! Projects involving making or altering clothes are being shelved for the time being, because in this weather I can't imagine wanting to be anything but naked, and that makes it difficult to make wearable clothes. But yesterday I went for a cycle and picnic in Phoenix Park and brought my SLR camera! So that can be my weather-appropriate project.



Jenny said...

Your comment about running just to stop and lie down in the grass is awesome. I've definitely been known to do that a little too much!

Forkis said...

The spirit is willing but the grass is far too inviting.