Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shoddy costumery: Tonks!

I wasn't going to post this because it wasn't very good, but I have been looking through lots of cosplay pictures, and am trying to put together something respectable for this, and have a renewed hankering to dress up as things.  It's a pity Ireland doesn't do cosplay conventions.

So!  My college do-gooder group had a Harry Potter party two weeks ago, and I went as Tonks.  I wasn't going to post the pictures as both the costume and the photos weren't up to much - I forgot about it until the day before, and had to do everything in a rush - but it's also the first time I've dressed as as a specific character in quite a while, so I may as well document so I have something to mark progress against.

Pro:  I have short hair!  Tonks has short hair!  I like an excuse to do silly things with my hair!

Con: I brought glitter spray, not colour spray.  The fault lies entirely with me for shopping in Claire's and also for being unable to read labels at twenty-one, especially having just finished up the guts of a year working in a lab.  (Incidentally, gloves are for whiners who don't respect the environment, and should my hands be this colour?) I tried to make up for it by loading on the glitter, in the hope that a layer of pink glitter would look pink.  It did not.

Pro:  I borrowed a wand from a girl in my class (she says it was a gift).  As I was leaving my room, I heard someone coming up the stairs.  Not wanting to look ridiculous, I hid the wand up my sleeve.  Nothing like it for feeling like a wizard.

Con: That is a terrible photo and asking people to take photos of me  makes me feel too narcissistic to do more than once.

Con: Those shorts should ideally be black.  (They were jeans in a previous incarnation, but I was wearing them while walking the Camino de Santiago in first year, and it was unseasonably war.)  I might have dyed them if I'd had the time.

Pro: People understood who I was meant to be!  I think this is a victory as I based the costume on my perception of her in the books, which was quite tomboyish, whereas the films were not so.

Pro: I went to the club as it was free in, and spent the entire time sitting in the corridor around the side having a Harry Potter trivia contest with fellow do-gooders and some strangers who came just for the Harry Potter.

Black string top
Black pinstriped underbust corset
Black shirt
Black waistcoat borrowed from my boyfriend
Cut-off denim shorts
Ripped black tights
Unlaced black Doc Martens

I think it was alright for a rush job, though the hairspray was disappointing.  I already have PLANS for October and Hallowe'en, so hopefully I can make people have costume parties!


Jessica Córdova said...

I would have loved to be in that corridor. :-)

Forkis said...

It's definitely some of the most fun I've had in a club (though admittedly I'm not much for clubs). I was also put to shame by the others' knowledge, so I have to re-read the books when I finish my exams!