Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thesis is due in six days, oh my.

Zoidberg understands me.

You know things are getting real when PubMed has edged out Facebook on my 'Most frequently visited' sites.  Makes me feel like a scientist though.  Boom.

I have been working on a commissioned pair of gloves for what feels like a million years.  They're nearly finished, and I'm looking forward to new projects (and thesis free time to work on them a bit more)!  My brother's 30th is on Thursday, so I'm going to make him this scarf.  (It will be late.  Thesis.  My excuse and reason for everything these days.)  I've loved it since I came across it, and was considering making one for myself, but as a geneticist I think he'll appreciate it.  Family of nerds.

Now, do basal receptors play a role in transducing mechanical signals and initiating intracellular responses?  LET'S FIND OUT!

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