Monday, January 2, 2012

Run rabbit run.

An organisation I volunteer with in college put on a panto before Christmas with all the kids' clubs we run. I was on the costume committee, and offered to make the mask for Roger Rabbit (who, it turned out, only appeared right at the end to say one line.  Which got cut out on the second night because someone forgot to say the line he responds to.  Worth making a mask?  Arguably not.  But I got to make something new!)

Did you know there's no non-creepy way to put cling-film on someone's face?  Fortunately, Roger Rabbit was in school with my little brother, who was also in the panto.  When he mentioned that he was going to my apartment during a break in rehearsals, my brother invited himself and two other people up for tea.  So that minimised the creepiness of "So, now I'm going to put cling-film over your face."  (Just the top half.  But still.)

Plaster of Paris'd to resemble a rabbit...

And then painted!

Unfortunately I didn't get any photos on the night, because you try herding thirty children who want to be doing anything but what they're meant to.  I think it's a decent first attempt though! 

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