Sunday, November 27, 2011

FO: Kris Kindle scarf

My class are doing a Kris Kindle, so I made this circle scarf for the girl whose name I drew.

Winter sun and pasty Irish skin make for a lot of glare!

Used up the last skein of this mystery yarn!  I had lots of it for some reason, and I've long since lost the label, but I think it's Rowan and some sort of merino.  Lovely and soft anyway.  Touch touch touch.

I think the hip-young-thing way to wear these is with a bit of length in them, but it's less cosy that way.  Looped around a third time keeps your neck all snuggly.  I may make one for myself, I'm pro-warmth.  When I went outside to take these photos I didn't bother putting on shoes, and it turned out the grass was wet, so when I came back in I had to take off my socks.  Then I realised the shadow of the camera was in a few of the photos, so I went back out barefoot, and HOLY GOD my poor toes.

Also I got most of my hair cut off again.  Long hair never prepared me for the eventuality of my ears being cold.  I tried to dye it red and it turned out purple, but I think it looks okay.

I have a new resolution: to try to take decent photos of my makings.  Difficult in college accommodation where I can't open the blinds, but home has a garden and sunlight!  This is partly because I'm considering opening an Etsy shop, but partly just on principle.  Even though it means waiting until my family aren't around because going into the garden and taking photos of myself feels narcissistic.

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