Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ridiculous hats.

More OpWall crafting!

These were both made using this pattern (Ravelry link).

The first was made in response to a request for a mystery item.  It's based on the wonderful Brainmonster hat - the only reason I didn't use the original pattern was because I wanted to use bulky yarn (I used some I had left over from my big snuggly jumper), and the pattern called for worsted, and I didn't feel like fussing with gauge and needles (8mm, I think!)

Dublin has a disappointing lack of big googly eyes!  I improvised with the buttons, but it looks sleepy and confused, instead of cheery that it is eating tasty brains.  Were I to make another one, I think I'd just embroider on eyes.

Hat number two was based on a picture a friend sent me that I forgot to save.  A unicorn is a unicorn, though.

I wasn't sure how to do a mane, so just crocheted two fluffy yarns for a few rows.  It's more of a fluffy mohawk than a mane, but that's good too, sure.

The last is a beret I made myself last Winter because I wanted to make something involving cables, and a slouchy beret.  I am efficient!  (I'm also not usually one for accessories, but last Winter was one for bundling up.)  I made this with Rowan Cocoon yarn, which is lovely and soft and fun to touch, on 8mm needles.

Unfortunately, when I blocked it, it became gigantic (which is why it falls under the category of 'ridiculous', I think it could be quite nice if fixed).

So, dear tiny portion of the internet who stop by: any advice?  I'm considering just leaving it in hot water for a while and then wearing it while it dries.

Also that thing that looks like an infected Monroe piercing is just the result of my bad habit of scratching off my skin, please disregard.

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