Monday, February 28, 2011


Ravelry tells me I started these on the fourth of January.  Bit embarrassing, that.  In my defense, I did go to London (can't take knitting needles on planes these days, boring) and knit a squirrel and have quite important tests (only have the results from one back, but I got a First - not so smart now, are you, chordates?) and a few assignments each week for the last month.  Excuses, excuses.

But! they're finished now.  And  they've been nearly finished for quite some time, so it's very satisfying on that front, and they're my first ever real socks so I have a nice sense of accomplishment, and I quite rarely make anything inedible for myself, so it's a nice indulgence.  Even if the cold weather has passed.  They're a little big and one is slightly longer than the other, but I made socks!

See how happy and rainbowy they are?  Very happy and rainbowy.

Photographing things on my laptop case instead of my bed, shaking things up!  And they are quite wide and chunky, as you can see, but the best cosy socks are, so that works out alright.

The pattern can be found here.  One day I will post a pattern of my own here and be very proud of myself.  Perhaps people will even use it!


Zita said...

Pretty! I agree, knitting socks for oneself is a lovely indulgence! Regarding knitting on planes- bamboo DPNs and bamboo circulars are a-ok in carry-on luggage and for using on planes. I've used 'em a few times on different airlines, as have friends. I usually put my needles in my make-up bag and don't actually begin the project till on the plane though - just in case.

Jennifer said...

Oh, I didn't know that! I'm always indecisive - I brought needles on planes a few times before realising they weren't allowed and nothing came of it, but I'd be so annoyed at myself if they were confiscated. Most of my needles are steel, so I might opt for bamboo from now on.