Wednesday, January 19, 2011

T-shirt reconstruction

I have a box of t-shirts that don't really do their job anymore, but are made of pretty fabric that I don't want to waste. I finally got around to doing something with two last Saturday.

Original was shaped like this - I forgot to take a photo before I started.

Now it looks like this! (The colour is shown better in the other photos.)

Jaysus, the thumbnails did not show the mirror was that dirty. Bonus crafty thing: I painted those fish on when I was ten.

I found this tutorial ages ago and have been meaning to use it since. It is simple (to follow and to do) and cheery and has puns and is a very good starter tutorial if you're scared of the sewing machine! I was a bit careless in following it exactly - it said to cut fourteen inches up the front, and since i used a rather long top, that didn't leave much fabric at the top of the front. Happily, it said to cut sixteen inches up the back, so I used that as the front and shortened the sleeves by a few inches. Modesty prevailed, boobs lost the day. I also had to use a black t-shirt to make the panels at the side, given that I overestimated how much width the stripy top could lose and still be wearable.

First top I've made: it's a bit loose and still a teeny bit low-cut for my tastes, but I showed the sewing machine who was boss and it'll be a nice summery top.