Saturday, April 24, 2010

Passport Cover

I made a passport cover for my dad's birthday. Kind of. I finished it at three in the morning the day before his birthday, then realised it was too small. So my options were to stay up all night or give him that part of the present late. I opted for the latter, and then took nearly a month to get around to making it... I'm a terrible daughter. More of this was handsewn than I had intended, as it took me a while to work out the tension settings on the new sewing machine, but I got it in the end!

The outer cover is a fairly light cotton, but it's lined with curtain lining (left over from a bag I made for a friend), so that makes it a bit sturdier. The clouds and airplane are felt.

Fun fact: it is hard to make a cute cartoon airplane not look like a shark.

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