Sunday, October 17, 2010

The big snuggly jumper I've planned for so long.

I finally got around to making it! A yarn shop in town was selling giant (200g) balls of chunky wool for €6, and I was already having a wool-shopping day, so I picked it up. I used the Skully Stitch 'n' Bitch book, minus the intarsia. I started it at the end of August, and finished it last weekend. I didn't realise how stripy the wool would turn out, and it's bigger than I intended (though I had deliberately made it longer than the pattern said to), but I'm happy with it, and now I can still make the other jumper I had in my head another time.

Mobius scarf.

My best friend is a theoretical physicist (in the making) so I made her a Mobius scarf for her twenty-first birthday. I'm told it has been much appreciated by the maths society in college.

I used this pattern, though I had to look elsewhere to clarify some of the instructions, and the wool is Louisa Harding Grace, which is only gorgeous.

Juggling pigs.

My little brother turned eighteen at the beginning of this month. He's liked pigs since he was a wee little thing, and goes through phases of liking various forms of juggling, so I made him a set of juggling pigs.

The pattern is great, it's simple and takes no time to make. that said, I did have to fudge it a little. It requires felting for the snout and ears, which I don't know how to do and hadn't allowed time to learn. My improvised ears look passable though. I also stuffed them with intact juggling balls rather than beans, for fear they'd leak.

I have quite a backlog built up.

My boyfriend gave me a voucher to a specialist yarn shop for our anniversary last year, so I thought I should be a bit self-indulgent and make myself something biggish. I had seen someone else post a picture of a top they made using this pattern, which looked lovely. I started it in February, but between birthdays, college, travelling, and general being busy I didn't finish it until August. It's bigger than I wanted it to be (I cannot gauge to save my life, it seems), but I was able to fix that a bit with blocking, and I think it still looks alright.

The yarn used is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, which is absolutely lovely.