Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Self-knowledge is important.

According to a guy named for a Carebear or something, I am a lesser beta male or a greater beta female.

You heard it here first.

I could paste every single line from both quizzes and say why it's wrong, but my favourite is this:

"The scoring of female BMI varies somewhat from that of male BMI because aesthetics, not just general health, have to be taken into consideration."

MRA-heads just want to be loved really.

FO: cold-resistant hat.

I finished it last night!  (Consistently accidentally staying up late to continue knitting is a habit that can only serve me well in final year.)  It's snuggly and will keep my delicious brains warm in the harsh winter months.

I've also nearly finished my Doctor Who scarf.  For some reason a few people thought the stand I was sitting at this morning belonged to the knitting society.  I can't fathom why.

Monday, September 19, 2011

wip: cold-resistant hat.

I posted a little while back about my lovely lovely birthday yarn haul.  I'm using the Tivoli ocean to make a slightly cosier version of this hat by Erin Archer, on whom I totally have a crafts-crush.  I made one at the start of the Summer, but I think unless I were bald it wouldn't make much difference to the temperature of my head (but it is so soft!).  Unfortunately the Tivoli is another worsted yarn, so I unravelled it all and then wound it back up doubled over.  This probably wasn't the sensible course of action.

Just look how lovely and neat and full of promise it -
was. :(
I unwound it before I went to sell at a car boot sale on Saturday, thinking I'd have the hat half-made by the time I got home.  Pro-tip:  don't stuff a bundle of unwound yarn into your bag.  By the time the sale finished, i had just started, having untangled it as I wound.

I really like how it looks!  I bought it because I thought the colours were great, but I think it looks even better like this.  It also means I'm more likely to wear it, as I'm not one for big blocks of bright colours.

Beginnings of a hat!
 I very much missed an opportunity today!  I was knitting at the stand for the Zoology Society (it's fresher's week in my college, do join Zoosoc if you're in TCD), and a woman came over and asked if I sell what I knit.  I laughed and said no - usually true!  usually it's presents! - and she asked about the knitting society, and I said that I could make her something if she liked, and she said she might come back.  I am a dreadful business woman.  Next time I will be prepared.

In other news, I am moving onto campus this week.  I have to work out what to do with my crafting wherewithal.  I guess for now I could just bring all the unfinished projects, and finish those off before I start transferring the contents of my box-of-everything.  It's not exactly a trek for me to go home and get it, but what if I have a sudden late-night need to knit something out of scraps?  First world problems, dear internet, first world problems.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Are you intoxicated? You're being all affectionate."

I went to Electric Picnic at weekend!  Last year I got to go for free as I went with work, this year I got to go for free by volunteering.  By chance, I was working in the boutique campsite, so my wristband let me into the campsite where my work-friends were staying.  I took advantage of this after the first night, when my brother's friend crawled into our tent in wet clothes and fell asleep on my legs.  (I did manage to fall asleep, but woke up a while later because he was shivering violently, and couldn't convince him to put on dry clothes.)

I made this bag out of two t-shirts the night before I left, as my conveniently-sized one got snatched in Lima.

Confession: The 'handmade' one isn't an old, re-used one, I just saw it on sale.  But how could I not buy it to make it into a something?

I was happy enough with it for a speedy job - though the strap was a bit stretchy, which I solved by tying a knot a few inches down it - until Saturday night, when the bottom ripped and my wallet fell out.  So now it's at the back of the drawer while I sulk about that.  That will teach me to be lazy and speedy in my sewing, especially hand-sewing (though I expect my clothes to take much less strain than bags, so first time mistake etc.)  I have a pretty low opinion of whipstitch, too.

The wallet thing was also annoying as I'd planned to go to a few Greencrafts workshops on my last morning.

Happy concert things: PJ Harvey, Republic of Loose, Jazzberries (the guy playing the keyboard lives up the road from me, and he and my brother have been friends since they were teeny, but I've never heard them play before), running into people I haven't seen since the start or the Summer, the spicy veggie burgers from the big orange stand.

A incident I'm not sure how to feel about is that when I went to buy a shirt, I asked for a men's small (babydolls sit funny on me, and men's shirts are easier to made into different things, plus the material tends to be lighter) and was given a women's small.  I asked the person who gave it to me, and he said that was all they had, and sure that'd fit me better anyway. (1. Wonky proportions, no it won't, and 2. Men's Small and Women's Small aren't equivalent size-wise.)  I ended up getting it because it was the design I liked the best, but giving a guy a Women's shirt because it was the only kind left would be seen as a weird thing to do.  It's nice to have the option to buy things from either section of the shop, which isn't really available to guys, but assuming without checking that I'll take something from the section I didn't choose this time sits a little strange with me.